General Education Resources

  • Plasma Dictionary from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California
    Fusion Chart prepared by the Contemporary Physics Education Project
  • Glossary on fusion and plasma science from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
    Fusion and plasma science FAQ
  • Plasma Sciences and Technologies Education Outreach
    General Atomics, San Diego, California
    Plasma sciences outreach page from General Atomics for teachers, students and the public, features national and facility events, interactive media, curricula, virtual tours, viewgraph presentation and brochures, including new brochure on “Plasma Physics, The science of the Fourth State of Matter”
  • Space Science Institute, Boulder Colorado
    Education and outreach for space sciences and plasma science, features workshops, exhibits (Electric Space), K-12 curricula, Space Weather Center, MarsQuest
  • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Education Programs, Princeton, New Jersey
    science education programs, Internet Plasma Physics Educational Experience
  • Graduate Program in Plasma Physics, Princeton University
    graduate program in basic plasma physics, magnetic fusion, and plasma astrophysics
  • Physics Education Resources – PhysicsED University of Washington, Seattle
    An integration of many education resources for physics [includes Java applet to illustrate Electron Plasma Simulation within ‘the virtual laboratory’ portion of other physics links].
  • Physics 2000, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
    Extensive set of interactive Java applets illustrating various concepts of modern physics; accessible for all ages but useful for both K-12 and college level. Contents: Physics 2000(What is it?, Favorite applets, Contents), Einstein’s Legacy, and The Atomic Lab. Other topics included are X-rays & CAT, electromagnetic waves, quantum atom, microwave ovens, lasers, TV & laptop screens, Bose-Einstein condensates, and interference experiments. Plasmas not specifically discussed but many interactive applets are relevant to plasma processes.
  • Internet Pilot to Physics, Institute of Physics, United Kingdom
    ‘ Virtual laboratory’ – also at PhysicsEd above,
    includes VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism, electric and magnetic fields in a wave-guide, charged particle motion in a uniform and constant EM field, electron plasma simulation
  • Education Online Sources, Providence, Rhode Island
  • On-Line K-12 Resource Guide (EdWeb) Andy Carvin, Bonita, California
  • Exploratorium, San Francisco, California
  • Cubic Science, Inc. Virtual Physics
    CD “Virtual Physics: Escape from Brain Death”
    – includes some plasma material
  • Eames Office Powers of Ten
    Powers of Ten film, flip book toy, interactive, poster, book, CD
  • NASA’s Education Program  NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
  • Space Science Education, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
  • Space Science Electronic Picture Book, NASA’s Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland
  • SOLARMAX, a breathtaking giant-screen adventure about the awesome vastness and mysterious power of the closest star. Film description and IMAX theaters listings are presented.

Fusion Plasmas

  • Fusion Energy Educational Web Site   FusEdWeb  – from three mirror sites:
    PPPL – Princeton, New Jersey  
    LLNL  – Livermore, California
    Europe –
    Student science resource, online fusion course, Fusion FAQ, plasma dictionary
    fusion and plasma FAQ, glossary, and site list, education and outreach ideas
  • Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience
    Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
    virtual tokamak, fusion data analysis, ask scientist, interactive physics (matter, energy, E&M;, fusion)
  • Fusion Energy
    Education Web Site for Fusion Energy
    General Atomics, San Diego, CA
    fusion introduction, DIII-D tokamak information, teacher resources, fusion slide show
  • Laser and Fusion Education
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    ICF, plasmas and fusion intro, heavy ion fusion (HIF), plasmas for national security, fusion education resources, NOVA virtual tour
  • Inertial Fusion Energy
    University of California Berkeley
    includes artists’s conception of inertial fusion power plant
  • Office of Fusion Energy
    U. S. Department of Energy
    Office of Energy Research
    magnetic confinement fusion project offices, various graphics available here and at laboratories, fusion education page
    with resources and links
  • Office of Inertial Fusion
    U. S. Department of Energy
    Office of Defense Programs
    inertial confinement fusion (ICF) and
    National Ignition Facility Project offices,
    links to key programs and resources at GA, LLNL, LANL, NRL, Sandia,University of Rochester

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