Worldwide Utilizing Plasmas

U.S. Corporations Utilizing Plasmas

  • ActiveLight Corp., Poulsbo, WA
    products: gas plasma displays from Fujitsu, Pioneer, and NEC
  • Advanced Display Technology, Beaumont, Texas
    products: gas plasma monitors & other types
  • Advanced Energy, Fort Collins, Colorado
    products: power conversion and control systems for plasma-based thin film plasma processing, subsidiaries: Fourth State Tech. Inc., Austin, TX, sensor-based manufacturing solutions, RF Power Products
  • Advanced Heat Treat Corp., Waterloo, Iowa
    products: “UltraGlow” ion nitriding surface treatment using glow discharge plasma
  • Advanced Plasma Systems, Inc.,St. Petersburg, Florida
    products: gas plasma technology for surface modification, applications in products list
  • Anatech Ltd , Springfield, Virginia
    Manufacturer of sputtering systems; provider of coating services
    products: batch style box, barrel and planar electrode systems designed primarily for cleaning and surface modification
  • Applied Materials
    products: plasma etch processing chambers and etch processing platforms, decoupled plasma source (DPS), high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system, (largest producer of wafer fabrication systems)
  • Bekaert Advanced Coating Technologies
    Development and production of diamond-like coatings by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
    products: coatings for electronics, CD and DVD molds, and metal framing applications
  • Centricut, Lebanon, New Hampshire
    products: plasma cutting consumables and replacement torches
  • Control Vision Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho
    products: digital camera imaging of extremes in brightness, temperature, and high-speed processes, image gallery
  • Daytona MIG, Daytona Beach, Florida
    products: portable welders and plasma cutters; pocket plasma system only $679.
  • Diamonex, Allentown, Pennsylvania
    products: ion beam and RF plasma deposition of diamond coatings
  • Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corp., Texas
    products: plasma processor applications to environmental systems, wafers and thin films, packaging, electromagnetic systems, energy [Bernard Eastlund was co-inventor of fusion torch about 1970, and co-founded Fusion UV Systems], experiments: large volume plasma processor LVPP
  • ENI (division of Astec America Inc.)
    products: RF power delivery systems, physical vapor deposition (PVD) tools esp. for plasma etch, IC manufacture, storage media, flat panel and enhancement coating, DC high power conversion
  • FM Technologies, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia
    technology development for appl. of microwave and particle beam generation, plasma physics and materials, products: object-oriented PIC simulation code, various codes and plasma experimental units, experiments: DPX, PHLUX
  • Fujitsu General America
    products: PlasmaVision42 note: plasma display technology, explanation
  • GaSonics International, San Jose, California
    products: semiconductor processing equipment, including plasma source for 200mm and 300mm photoresist
  • General Atomics Fusion Group, General Atomics, San Diego, California
    tokamak research – all aspects, diagnostics ICF research, ICF target support software: transport code ONETWO, equilibrium EFIT, data analysis 4D, equilibriu TOQ, experiments: National Fusion Facility DIII-D ICF, target support for five ICF laboratories
  • Global Plasma Systems Corporation, Washington, D.C.
    waste management services utilizing plasma heating technology; waste-to-energy and waste disposal and treatment; mixed waste sources including low-level radioactive, industrial and medical waste, contaminated soil, compact inert slag output
  • Hypertherm, Hanover, New Hampshire
    products: plasma cutting technology (up to 2″ steel), history of plasma cutting technology and plasma arc process, plasma cutting animation
  • Integrated Environmental Technologies, LLC Richland, Washington
    products: plasma enhanced melter (PEM) for wide variety of wastes; process demo since 3/97, waste streams – radioactive, hazardous, medical, industrial, municipal, tire waste, economic and environmental benefits
  • Kinema Research and Software, Monument, Colorado
    products: software 2-D plasma modeling system PLASMATOR, non-equilibrium, time-dependent plasma chemistry code KINEMA, Boltzmann equation solver ELENDF, plasma chemistry modeling and surface modeling
  • Komatsu Cutting Tech, Wilmington, Massachusetts
    products: ‘RASOR” fine plasma cutting systems; 5’x10’ cutting up to 1.5″ thick
  • LAM Research Corporation, Fremont, California
    products: dry etch processing systems, both conductive etch and dielectric etch
  • Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, Ohio
    products: 1/4 to 3/4″ plasma cutting
  • Litmas, Matthews, North Carolina
    products: high density plasma tools; atmospheric plasma systems at 8 mTorr to 1 Torr;
    switch mode RF power supply and high density plasma source technologies; abatement of perfluorinated compounds such as CF4 and other PFC emissions
  • Litton Electron Devices, Woodland Hills, California
    products: microwave power devices
  • MARCH Instruments, Concord, California
    products: plasma technology for electronics and medical device industry, fluxless soldering, plasma treatment; atmosphere plasma and “Roth” reactor, free plasma cleaning guides; advances in plasma treatment file
  • G. E. Mathis Co., Chicago, Illinois
    products: 40 ton indexable punchng capability and true-cut air plasma cutting up to 60″ wide, 1000# plates
  • Modern Machine Tool Co., Jackson, Mississippi
    products: laser and plasma cutoff lathes; cut stock automatically up to 5 tons, 20 ft
  • Novellus, San Jose, CA
    products: chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD) automated wafer fabrication systems for deposition of thin films; dielectric plasma enhanced CVD (PECVD), dielectric high-density plasma (HDP-CVD) systems
  • PEAT, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama
    products: thermal destruction and recovery (TDR) process; plasam process and vitrification of waste streams – medical, pyrotechnics and explosives, thermal batteries, ammunition, redwater, labpacks
  • Phoenix Solutions Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota
    products: plasma heating systems for waste treatment, plasma arc torches, melting metals and hazardous waste, converting organics such as municipal solid waste to fuel gas and useable chemicals, enhance recycling
  • Plasma Automation Inc., Hicksville, New York
    products: vicon plasma cutting machines; thin metal cutting, control software
  • Plasma Coatings Inc., Waterbury, Connecticut
    products: custom application of specialty surface materials; release/non-stick, traction, traction & release, helps with low friction, wear & corrosion conductivity (thermal and electrical)
  • Plasma Etch, Inc., Carson City, Nevada
    products: high-capacity plasma etch systems
    applications list under ‘markets for plasma tech’
  • Plasma Systems Inc., San Jose, California
    products: etchback and conformal coating and potting; nickel and gold plating
  • Plasma Technics Inc.
    products: high voltage transformers
  • Plasma Technology Inc., Torrence, California
    products: thermal coating industry; about 300 different coatings with five different coating techniques; about 32 significant variables in coating process
  • Plasmacam, Inc.
    products: plasma cutting systems for artistic and geometric metal parts.
  • Plasmaco, Highland, New York
    products: 60-inch HDTV plasma display panel
  • PlasmaSol, Hoboken, New Jersey
    products: capillary discharge non-thermal plasma reactor, provides for volatile organic
    contaminant remediation, surface cleaning and combustion control.
  • Plex, LLC, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    products: compact EUV photon source (20-300A) for lithography using plasma pinch source
  • Precision Products, Canaan, New Hampshire
    products: precision cut plasma torches
  • Pro-Fusion Technologies, Inc., Newbury Park, California
    products: plasma welding torches
  • Pulsed Plasma Energy, Lombard, Illinois
    Thermal ionization of coal and petroleum into syngas/methane; cogeneration and disposal of hazardous waste; medical waste PCB processing
  • Retech, Inc., Ukiah, California
    Manufacturer of fully integrated metallurgical processing equipment; precision pouring, plasma arc melting, consumable casting and metal powder production; plasma melting furnace for stainless steel, titanium and nickel ingots; plasma arc vitrification
  • RF Services Inc., Sunnyvale, California
    products: RF generators and matching networks for 13.56 MHz RF impedance, 300 W to 15 kW, used in semiconductor industry to generate RF plasma
  • Stainless Plate Products, Inc., Coatesville, Pennsylvania
    products: CNC plasma cutting, from 4″ square to 136″x333″ and to 5″ thick stainless
  • Stainless Processing Inc.
    products: CNC plasma system – from 11 gauge sheet to 5″ plate; supplier of rings, discs, flanges, custom shapes
  • Startech Environmental Corp.
    products: Plasma Waste Converter; economical processing of all solid, liquid and gasious wastes; organic and inorganic; hazardous and non-hazardous.
  • Osram Sylvania, Danvers, Massachusetts
    products: lighting systems, fluorescent lamps, lighting research, services, products
  • Talison Research
    products: coating services and products for deposition of plasma polymerized organic thin films, for surface engineering and scratch resistance, enhanced biocompatability
  • Thermal Dynamics, Thermadyne Industries Group West Lebanon, New Hampshire
    products: plasma arc cutting systems and supplies design and manufacture of plasma
    arc cutting and welding torches and systems since 1957; precision cutting of any
    material from light gauge to 4″ (9.6 cm) thick
  • Thermal Conversion Corp., Kent, Washington
    products: high-temperature thermal technologies; key system is induction-coupled plasma (ICP) torch; 1MW input power, 5000 degrees C to over 15K degrees; no consumable electrodes as in conventional DC arc plasma technology; handles up to 110 kg/hour of feed material with temerature in reactor of 700 to 1500 degrees C.
  • TRION Technology, Tempe, Arizona
    products: maker of plasma etch and deposition systems note: plasma cookbook
  • Vanguard Research, Inc., Lorton, Virginia
    products: Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System; converts waste streams into clean fuel gas and construction aggregate; fixed site and mobile systems.
  • Vapor Technologies Inc., Boulder, Colorado
    products: deposition of metallic and ceramic coatings by low-temperature arc vapor deposition (LTAVD), or cathodic arc plasma vapor deposition process (PVD); metalization of plastics, metalization of dielectric substrate for capacitors, medical device applications
  • VARIAN, Palo Alto, California
    products: ion implant systems
  • Wavemat Inc., Plymouth, Michigan
    products: microwave technology for materials processing; microwave plasma disk reactor (MPDR) for microwave and ECR-enhanced plasma processing applications; CVD diamond deposition, anisotropic semiconductor etching, power metal preheating, ceramic sintering and polymer curing
  • Weldlogic, Inc., Newbury Park, California
    products: micro-arc plasma; 50 amp plasma welding torch (PT-10)
  • Yield Engineering Systems, San Jose, California
    products: plasma strippers, plasma cleaning systems, acquired Glen Tech. 3/98

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