Worldwide Utilizing Plasmas

Corporations (alphabetical by country)

  • SRL Plasma Limited, Croydon, Victoria, Australia
    electric arc plasma for waste destruction, PLASma Conversion (PLASCON) process uses argon plasma to completely dissociate complex hazardous compounds, pyrolysis (non-combustion) process, PCB waste facility, experiments: PLASON electric arc plasma furnace
  • Europlasma, Oudenaarde near Gent / Belgium
    design and manufacturing of gasplasmasystems; activation of plastic, ceramics, metals, and glass for cleaning and adhesion before gluing, painting, printing, printed circuit board cleaning; hydrophylisation for textiles; medical cleaning systems; plasmapolymerisation
  • Tekna Plasma Systems, Inc., Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    induction plasma technology, products: custom plasma systems for production of coatings, ultra-fine powers, chemical and ceramic synthesis, thermal destruction of wastes, production of bulk metal parts, including full turbine plates for aviation
  • Resorption Canada Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    develop and promote the plasma gasification process for environmentally sound waste and energy management, products: modular plasma gasification system, plasma torch
  • Refla Ltd, St. Larnaka, Cyprus
    Specialist in small plasma generators to be embedded in medical devices and industrial
    laser systems; low-cost, compact high-frequency gas discharge electrodes and systems.
  • Haefely Trench High Voltage Technology, Saint-Louis, France
    laser pumping, generationof sparks, pulsed electron accelerators, flash x-ray generators, plasma physics, pulsed power, pulsed welding systems, products: energy storage capacitors, impulse voltage and current generators
  • PlasmaConsult GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany
    manufacturer of radio frequency and microwave plasma sources, plasma diagnostic systems, substrate holders, plasma processing systems, thin film coatings, plasma cleaning
  • Kjellberg Finsterwalde, Finsterwalde, Germany
    products: aircooled and watercooled plasma cutting systems for materials 0.1 to 150 mm, arc welding equipment
  • Engineer’s Office for Applied Spectroscopy, Aalen, Germany
    fiber optic diode array spectrometer for PVD plasma for complete UV-NIR range for process gas flow control and vaporization progress, products: PVD plasma emission monitoring systems C++ library for parameter-free spline-smoothing of data
  • ASI Advanced Semiconductor Instruments GmbH Berlin, Germany
    Global supplier of Advanced Process Control APC equipment and services to the semiconductor industry; manufacture of III-V semiconductor devices; plasma diagnostic
    system (Hercules) for reactive rf plasmas; production-line plasma monitoring systems.
  • Kjellberg Elektroden and Maschinen GmbH Finsterwalde, Finterwalde, Germany
    products: arc welding and plasma cutting (.1-150mm) systems
  • Huettinger Electronics, Freiburg, Germany
    pulsed magnetron sputtering with medium-freq (30-80kHz) pulse techniques, RF generators for plasma processing, products: RF generators for plasma processing and induction heating (300 W to 300 kW; DC to 300 kHz)
  • DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Munich, Germany
    neutron general using spherical electrostatic confinement to produce stable fusion grade plasma target; D-D collisions leading to 2.45 MeV neutrons to 10+7 n/s; longer life and lower cost system than conventional systems, experiments: FusionStar IEC-PS-1 Neutron Generator
  • Arcraftplasma Plasma  Sakinaka, Mumbai, India
    manufacturer of air plasma cutting machines, torches, and welding systems including
    micro-plasma welding machines
  • Scientific Systems, Dublin, Ireland
    diagnostic instruments for characterising and monitoring RF electrical discharges and for design and control solutions required for advance semiconductor plasma processes, products: designs and markets edge diagnostic instruments Smart Probe – automated Langmuir probe diagnostic, compact PIM – plasma impedance monitor
    Engineering Solutions International ESIL, Dublin, Ireland
    simulation engineering consultancy firm; simulation of plasma properties and virtual testing; surface coating and deposition including thermal spraying, etch and thin film deposition
  • Telwin S.p.A, Vicenza, Italy, products: plasma cutting systems, single-phase low-consumpion and three-phase of 35 to 150A capacity
  • Fujitsu General Limited, Japan
    products: Plasmavision 42 thin panel display system (US link)
  • Applied Plasma Physics AS, Norway
    products: modular air pollution control system (80% reduction goal) using electro- and plasma physics
  • Russian Federation WWW sites
  • NORCON Instruments, Plasma Processing Systems, Lund, Sweden
    products: plasma etching (PE), reactive ion etching (RIE), plasma deposition (PECVD) ECR etching systems
  • SCANARC Plasma Technologies AB, Hofors, Sweden
    products: plasma systems from 100 kW to 10MW for heating of oxidizing and reducing gases, flash smelting, pyroarc process, plasmasmelt and slag reduction, experiments: Hofors pilot plant, 2MW & 8MW supplies, 1MW arc furnace
  • LOKS Plasma Services Ltd., Blackburn, UK
    products: underwater plasma cutting systems; custom stainless steel cut profiles from 3mm to 100mm thick up to 3 by 18 meters
  • Tetronics Limited, Faringdon, Oxon, UK
    High temperature DC plasma arc technology specialists; metallurgical processes, design, fabrication, and installation of commercial plasma arc based systems; applications from treatment of both liquid and solid wastes, to tundish heating for the steel industry.
    products: DC plasma arc systems; steel tundishes; remediation and recycling; vitrified waste tiles; melting and recovery of glass and metals.
  • Surface Technological Systems, South Wales, UK
    products: plasma etch and deposition systems for thin film processing, ICP, ECR, RIE, plasma CVD, sputtering technologies
  • Helica Instruments Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    helium plasma beam controllable to cauterize to single-cell depth to full 1mm penetration for safe and easy procedures for tissue cauterization, products: Helica Thermal Coagulator TC
  • JVC Professional, London, UK
    products: plasma display screens

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