The History of Plasma Televisions: Quick Plasma TV FAQs

Is it true that LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) last longer than plasma displays?
No. These days, they both last about 60,000 hours. Plasma is also more efficient and gives a better picture on larger screens because each phosphor cell is illuminated as needed. LCDs use bulbs that require full power all the time.

Will I have to “recharge” my plasma?
No. It is a myth that plasmas need to be recharged or refilled.

HDTV Television, HDTV Monitor, or HDTV Compatible — what’s the difference?

  • BEST: HDTV Television – receives and displays all HDTV resolutions.
  • BETTER: HDTV Monitor – only displays images from source, (Requires a separate tuner to show HDTV).
  • OK: HDTV Compatible – can’t show HDTV resolution, but can receive and show HDTV at a lesser quality.

What resolution should I look for?

720p (progressive) or 1080i (interlaced) minimum
Digital Transmission About 5x better than conventional TV.

BETTER ED: Enhanced-Definition TV
480p (progressive) & 480i(interlaced)
Digital Transmission About 2x better than conventional TV.

SD: Standard TV Conventional TV
480i (interlaced)
Analog Transmission

Are the brightest panels best?
There’s no question brighter looks better, but beware! Some plasmas have their settings pre-adjusted at the factory to astronomical levels that will quickly burn out your display.

What is 16×9 aspect ratio?
Width-to-height relationship on a display device. It is part of the HDTV standard and is also called “widescreen,” similar to what you see at a movie theater.

How will DVDs and regular TV look on a plasma TV?
As good as they possibly can, with the right display. Not all Plasmas are geared for hi-def; you should look for one that can make the most of any signal.

What would make a plasma outdated?
Not much. Only low resolution and antiquated connections can date a plasma.

Can I use a plasma panel for anything other than TV?
Now you can! Some plasma displays can be used with PCs, but until now, you couldn’t use your PC and watch TV on the same screen simultaneously.

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