A. Neon and Fluorescent Lamps

How Stuff Works – Neon vs Fluorescent Light: Explains the difference between neon and fluorescent lights. Simple and informative. No mention of ionized gas as plasma. Site allows you to search for plasma-related questions.

B. Fusion

1. Overview of Fusion

Focus on Fusion (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority – UKAEA): Contains a layman’s guide to fusion, basic definitions, the history of fusion, and details of its safety. Provides arguments for pursuing fusion. Includes animation of fusion reaction.

The Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience (IPPEX): Excellent basic introduction to plasma and fusion energy, with educational interactive tutorials. The viewer can operate a virtual tokamak and analyze data. Explains pros and cons of fusion vs. fossil fuels. Very responsive to e-mail questions.

General Atomics Fusion Energy Site: Excellent site for teacher and student. Its 66-image slide show is a good introduction to why it is important to develop an alternative to fossil fuel power.

Fusion and Plasma Science FAQ: Large glossary, many links to experiments. Very basic information in a no-frills format. Last modified 2/95.

National Fusion Energy Science website: Good content on fusion research, on confinement, applications and promise. Provides vugraphs on fusion and referrals to fusion laboratories and fusion education websites.

Fusion Energy Sciences Education Program: The site, a subnode of the US Fusion Energy Sciences Program home site, uses real-life fusion examples to enhance science education nationwide as a means to raise public awareness of fusion energy. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about fusion.

UC Berkeley Tutorial on Inertial Fusion Energy: Contains tutorial on technology and economics of inertial fusion energy. Some animations. Text heavy.

Fusion Basics: Some basic information on fusion, clearly presented. Also includes links to European Fusion Information Network, and a comprehensive fusion glossary. Sponsored by Joint European Torus (JET).

2. Environmental Implications of Fusion Power

Fusion: The Energy of the 21st Century: Provides scenario of a world with diminishing fossil fuels, in need of fusion as an alternative energy source. Written at the college level.

Fusion and the Environment: Provides arguments for fusion as environmentally friendly and safe. Links to site on Environmental Impact of Fossil Fuels. Part of the larger UKAEA site.

Fusion FAQ – Environmental: from the Fusion and Plasma Science FAQ. Revised in 1995. Text only. Explores interesting questions about the environmental impact and political consequences of fossil fuel based economies, and the promise of fusion.

C. Plasma Processing

Plasma Etch, Inc.: In educating their customers about plasma, this site does a good job of explaining some basic benefits of plasma processing, including electronic, industrial and medical applications.

D. Plasma Propulsion in Space

Ions in Action: The experiment of rubbing a balloon on your hair to pick up confetti segues into a discussion of ions. Although it does not mention plasma directly, it does state that in an ion propulsion engine a charge is given to xenon gas. This is supplemented by Deep Space I Engine Facts, fact sheet on ion propulsion. Elementary level. Part of the larger web site: The Space Place.

How Stuff Works: Plasma Rocket

How Stuff Works: Fusion Propulsion

E. Plasma Displays

How Stuff Works: Plasma Displays

Plasma TV Buying Guide Buyers guide on plasma displays and televisions

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